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Three Dimensional Enthusiasts

These are exciting times; it's easier than ever to make your dream reality, and here at luke³ we love the journey of realising that dream. When conceptional 2D artwork just won't do, it's time to embrace the 3rd dimension. Let's make it so.

A fully comprehensive 3D service provider


We can provide the consultation you require on materials and manufacturing techniques to make your ideas possible.


We can provide two and three dimensional CAD services suitable for rapid prototyping or mass production.


We can provide a host of different rapid prototyping methods, from hand made mockups to cutting edge 3D printed models.

  • Experienced Specialists

    We've worked with plucky young startups and high profile bluechip companies, we've designed freeflowing organic shapes and made tiny intricate objects.

    Whatever your needs our knowledge is yours to leverage, we pride ourselves on customer satisfaction and confidentiality.

Make it so

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